AWS Cli - Useful commands#

Setup Auto completion

# Install awscli using brew
$ brew install awscli

# Run this command to add the completion to your .zshrc file
$ autoload -Uz compinit && compinit

# Add the following line to your .zshrc file
if type aws_completer &>/dev/null; then
    complete -C "$(command -v aws_completer)" aws
$ source ~/.zshrc



aws route53 list-hosted-zones

List all hosted zones.

aws route53 create-hosted-zone –name –caller-reference 1234567890

Create a new hosted zone with the specified name and caller reference.

aws route53 delete-hosted-zone –id Z1234567890

Delete the hosted zone with the specified ID.

aws route53 change-resource-record-sets –hosted-zone-id Z1234567890 –change-batch file://change_batch.json

Change resource record sets in the specified hosted zone using the change batch file.

aws route53 get-hosted-zone –id Z1234567890

Get information about the hosted zone with the specified ID.